NewsFlash: Gansie Finds 515th Way to Use an Avocado

anything for an avocado

Because of 80 Proof’s unfortunate bout with appendicitis, I have been working from home this past week. And working from home means lunch not out of the freezer.

After I whipped up a turkey, bacon and cheese sandwich (tip – lay shredded cheese on both sides of the bread and stick under the broiler for just a couple minutes, then assemble) for an immobile 80, I started working on my salad.

On my trip to the Mt. Pleasant Farmer’s Market this past weekend, I picked up my first heirloom tomato. Thinking of this Bon Appetit recipe, I created my own take on a caprese salad.

Avocado, Tomato and Mozzarella Mesclun Salad

Arrange mesclun greens on plate. Scatter slices of tomato (preferbly heirloom, or one from my dad’s garden – nothing beats a Jersey tomato) around the plate. Thinly slice mozzarella and overlap onto the tomato. Dice a half of an avocado and drop it all around the plate. Finish by drizzling extra virgin olive oil (I used my rosemary infused oil,) balsamic vinegar, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper over the salad.

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  • JoeHoya August 2, 2007  

    Any chance you remember what variety of heirloom you bought?

    And, ummm, don’t take this the wrong way, but what a tease! You didn’t say anything about how it tasted…have you single-handedly revolutionized Caprese as we know it?

    The salad sounds great, but it’s crying out for a protein. If you’re already working with turkey and bacon for 80, you might try chopping them into the salad next time and creating an eggless, Italianesque version of a Cobb. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

  • BS August 2, 2007  

    your headlines are so dirty

  • JoeHoya August 2, 2007  

    “Hello, Kettle? This is Pot. I just wanted to say – you’re black.”

  • Robyn August 2, 2007  


    Err…I can’t believe I said yummo. I’m going to boycott RR’s 30 minute meals.

  • gansie August 2, 2007  

    JoeHoya–“Thanks” for your Olive Garden comparison (?)

    The salad was very filling (and clearly delicious) on its own, but maybe a froached egg would work? or grilled chicken?

    I’m not really big on the pig, just an FYI.

  • BS August 2, 2007  

    and are we gonna get a further update on that rosemary oil or what?

  • gansie August 2, 2007  

    Yes, what the eff do I do with that rosemary oil besides dip bread into it?

  • BS August 2, 2007  

    I was recently at my friends house in chi-town and picked up a Giada book (it was the only cooking material available) – she says she pops her corn in rosemary oil – i thought that sounded kinda cool

  • anna August 2, 2007  

    it’s lunch time here and I want that! Other options for pigless protein could be to top it off with some pine nuts or slices of barely grilled sashimi grade tuna.

    I also can’t help but think that some basil could lend a different edge to the salad. That may be coming from the fact that I’ve saturated my recipes with the basil from my garden. Could use the leaves or via an infused oil.

    P.S. According to IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) regulations olive oil with herbs or fruits infused in them cannot be called olive oil…it must be called “fruit juice”. Which makes total sense…

  • anna August 2, 2007  

    Rosemary Oil:
    -brush on pizza dough before baking…I’m thinking a white pizza could be great.
    -toss with almonds before baking…of course as snacks, but rosemary almonds are also amazing on vanilla ice cream with a little chocolate sauce.
    -any veggies that you’d grill could be good

    The popcorn in rosemary oil sounds fantastic…I plan to try that asap.

  • JoeHoya August 2, 2007  

    Sorry about that, Ganise. I just can’t get over the fact that the Olive Garden calls those dishes “Caprese” just because they’ve got tomatoes and mozarella in them. As someone who grew up in a New Jersey Italian-American household, I am constantly amazed by their offerings (anyone remember “Chicken con Broccoli?).

    So don’t be offended – I wasn’t comparing you to them.

    As for not liking the pig – that’s cool…more for me!

    Grilled chicken would definitely work as an alternate protein, as would the tuna that Anna suggested. The mozarella wouldn’t really match up well with most other fish (or shellfish), unfortunately.

    I found a few recipes where your Rosemary Olive Oil would work well to enhance the rosemary flavor of the dish:

    White Bean Dip

    Rosemary Olive Oil Bread

    Garicky Romano Beans, though I’d probably add some extra garlic and some pine nuts or sliced almonds.

    Hope that makes up for the Olive Garden crack!

  • BS August 2, 2007  

    I vote for the rosemary olive oil bread! Let me know when it’s ready, Gansie

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