This Little Piggy Has Hair and Claws


Here at endless simmer, we have readers in 513 cities around the world, from Bangalore, India to Bangor, Maine (it’s true, Google told us!). We wanna make sure it doesn’t get too localized feeling here, so we’re asking for some updates from our ESers around the globe.

These pics come from our friend Maya, who just returned form Peru, where she feasted on this succulent roast guinea pig. As many of you may remember from third grade, GPs are not pork at all, but actually rodents.


Maya says the GP tastes just like chicken, if chicken had claws and hairs and was tough to chew on and actually pretty gross. And no, they are not stuffed, that is just the incredibly appetizing natural intestines. Thanks Maya!

Eat anything crazy while traveling lately? Hit us up with some pics at crazyeats(at)endlesssimmer(dot) com

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  • JoeHoya August 1, 2007  

    What are the odds? My wife and I are headed down to Peru in two weeks, and I was just reading about the prevalence of cuy in their cuisine. Personally, I think I may pass on the guinea pig and settle for trying alpaca.

    And to throw it back to a discussion from last week, I am definitely looking forward to trying ceviche at one of the local places that specialize in it while we’re in Lima.

    If any of our meals look especially interesting, I’ll try to snap a picture for you guys!

  • BS August 1, 2007  

    nice! def make sure to get us some pics

  • María January 11, 2011  

    La comida de Perú es excelente! Los pescados y mariscos se preparan en mil formas, igual las carnes, los vegetales, las frutas y los postres y chocolates. Ni hablar!

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