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When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

Posted by on July 1 2007 in Veggie


For me, the hardest part about eating has always been making decisions. Our multicultural, food-on-demand society gives us so many options that it’s often difficult to choose. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a menu with hundred of options and having no idea where to begin (OK, there are probably worse things, but this really pisses me off). That’s why I get stoked about any new innovation that successfully combines more than one great food item, allowing us to, dare I say, eat two birds with one stone.

In the great tradition of vanilla-chocolate-swirl ice cream cones, lemonade-iced tea, and the triple-decker club sandwich, we now have hummus-baba ganoush. It’s OK, take a minute to catch your breath and process that.

Just recently I had a conversation about how it’s impossible to decide whether I like eggplant-y baba ganoush or chickpea-based hummus better. Now I learn The Tribe, the same company that makes all those great flavored hummuses (correct plural? hummusi, maybe?) like dill, roasted garlic, and spicy chipotle, has started producing hummus-baba ganoush. One dip, both great tastes. There’s no info on their website yet, but I swear I had some yesterday, and it really does capture the essence of both dips. Pure genius.

While it may not solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict just yet, or convince Americans to put down the mayo-heavy spinach dip, my personal little foodie world will never be the same.

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