Fishin’ For Compliments

jersey shore 
(Ventnor, New Jersey)

Although I really don’t love tuna fish and I can’t stand Jessica Simpson, I do see the need to eat healthful tuna fish every once in a while, especially with beach season in full force.  And keeping with the “health” aspect, mayo performs a disappearing act in this tangy tuna fish salad.   

Dirty Dijon Tuna Fish Salad

Drain liquid from one can of tuna fish and drop in large bowl, add: Dijon mustard, dirty/spicy mustard, prepared horseradish, squirt of lemon juice, sprinkle of mustard seeds, celery saltlemon pepper seasoning salt, minced garlic, dried oregano, chopped scallions and kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper – lots.

Mash together; adjust for personal taste.  I like mine very mustardy.

Scoop mixture over baby spinach leaves, tossed with diced red onion and quartered cherry tomatoes and just a dash of evoo.

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  • BS June 25, 2007  

    gansie cooks something healthy??? something sounds fishy to me…

  • SAG June 28, 2007  

    If you want to add a little heat to this wonderful tuna concoction I would highly recommend some hot sauce preferably Franks red hot or Uncle Brutha’s

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